Breanne Welsh

Public Relations and Advertising

Reflection #2

I definitely used all of the skills that I learned from the new assignment for this one. It was a lot easier to get started and actually make some progress with this assignment since I was familiar with the coding that we needed to do. The basics like headers and paragraphs as well as the matching css codes came a lot quicker. I still made use of boxes and floating and background and text colors just like we worked on with our resumes. It got a little more advanced when we learned how to make navigation bars and used Google fonts instead of just the general ones that we are used to and used for the resumes. The websites had a lot more behind them than just a main html and css page. Since we have navigation bars, that also meant that we had 4 other html pages that we needed to code and also upload onto the FTP developer. This made it super important to be sure that the main css page was well organized since it was the css page for so many other html pages than just the one that we were used to with our resumes. I also figured out how to use Wufoo and uploaded it onto a contact page on my website!

As of right now, I feel a lot more comfortable with coding than I did at the beginning of the semester. I came into the course with the thought that this was going to be the hardest class that I have ever taken, but it actually was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes, it was very confusing at first, especially when we were working on our resumes, but after learning the basics and practicing with them, it made starting the websites a lot less intimidating. I would definitely say I am still a beginner and would not be able to design any complicated features but knowing the basics is a lot more than most people! People typically find even the word “coding” intimidating, as I did in the beginning of the year, but now I don’t find it as scary. I have made an extreme amount of progress from the beginning of the year. As for writing for the web, I feel very comfortable writing for the web. I very much enjoy this style of writing because of it’s casual and personable tone. I find it so much easier because you’re writing like you’re speaking instead of using big complicated words that you find in the dictionary.

I feel that I have reached the potential that I expected I would at the beginning of the semester — somewhat mastering the basics of coding. I think that having coding Thursdays or days where people can get together outside of class is extremely beneficial and important since we had a 50 minute class it is sometimes hard to grasp all the material we learn in that amount of time.